Hi! I would LOVE to help thousands of people buy their first homes.

The home buying process is stupidly complex and puts normal people at a big disadvantage.

Home buyers have to trust that their loan officers and real estate agents are looking out for their best interests. They usually are. But not always.

The Goal

My goal here is to help first-time buyers learn enough about the home buying process that they take control and aren’t taken advantage of by home sellers, loan officers, real estate agents, or anyone else.

In my little way, I want to help nice people buy nice homes at nice prices so they can live great lives at home with their families.

Trust But Verify

Life is complex and buying a home is one of the most complex things in life.

Home buyers who take the time to get prepared before they start the home buying journey will;

  • Greatly reduce the family stress level when buying the home, and
  • Greatly improve the odds they’ll end up owning a home they LOVE.

The 1 Thing

Even if you don’t subscribe to First-Time Home Buyer School and you don’t take one of our courses, I STRONGLY encourage you to study the home buying process before you jump in.

Before you start the fun part of touring homes for sale, be sure and put in the time and effort to read a book or two on home buying. Or take an in-person class. Or take an online course.

Whatever you do to get ready, know things will go a lot more smoothly if you’re prepared before you dive in.

You’ll be very glad you did. 

– John